New rapid testing centre in Liège


Sida Sol is a non-profit-making organisation working in primary, secondary and tertiary HIV and STD prevention in Liège for five years. It provides free and confidential testing in the evening to the most vulnerable sections of society. Having a rapid HIV test available would increase demand. By setting up a new testing centre in a multicultural, impoverished part of Liège would allow increased testing of the target audience.

MSM (men who have sex with men), legal and illegal migrants, drug-users who inject themselves, homeless people and sex workers are the primary groups covered by our preventative measures.

Our aim is to:

–        increase their ability to access information, prevent infection and reduce the risks they take

–        increase access to and acceptance of HIV and other STD testing and

–        reduce discrimination against HIV+ people.

In order to provide adequate and confidential testing, the new centre needs equipment. It receives no subsidy from any public body.