Purchasing pedagogical materials and female condoms


VZW Lhiving is an organization in Brussels, founded in 1997, to support underprivileged people with HIV.

Our organization employs 10 people and has been recognized as:
–        Service for assisted living
–        Association committed to integration through housing

For several years, we have free condoms available for our clients. However, the last years the demand for female condoms sounds louder, for sure after the formation one of the counselors offered about the female condom. That’s why we would like to give our (female) clients the opportunity to use female condoms when they ask for it. Until now it was never possible, because female condoms are much more expensive than the regular condoms.

Our clients come to Lhiving with a lot different questions. Some of them know their diagnosis recently, others are seropositive for years. We want to inform our clients about hiv and living with hiv, no matter which question they have. Therefore we need educational materials, adapted to our specific group of clients. A lot of are clients are low-skilled so they need accessible and visual educational materials. In addition, a large part of our clients is originally from (sub-Saharan) Africa. The educational materials need to be adapted to the cultural diversity of our clients.  Last but not least, some clients want to inform their kids about the diagnosis base don child-friendly information.

The educational materials will be used for individual appointments, during prevention-activities and during discussion groups, organized once a month.