HIV – talk about it


Can you be your Selfie?

The Holebifoon launches a visibility campaign via posters and social media that wants to broach the problems that people with hiv experience about disclosing their status. Do you tell it? Whom do you tell it to? What is the impact of having to continually make this deliberation?

If you want support or if you have questions, you can contact the Holebifoon.

The campaign does not only target people with hiv and their surroundings, but also the welfare work and certainly the LGBT-milieu where the taboo surrounding hiv is still very much alive. The campaign wants to show people with hiv the way to psychological and social support (Holebifoon) but also wants to make society aware of the problems people with hiv have concerning disclosure. Do they tell people they have hiv? How public do they want to make this information? Breaking the taboo around hiv can create a better environment for them and will indirectly lead to a decrease in new infections.

The campaign will be propagated through the social media of Holebifoon and çavaria. The posters will be send to social welfare organizations (JAC’s, Caw’s, CLB’s, list gay friendly therapists and doctors but also to gay catering industry and LGBT- associations.