Village FXB Buterere II – Bujumbura – Burundi

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The main objective of second FXBVillage program in Buterere (town of Bujumbura in Burundi), is to lift up 100 families (about 700 persons) affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS toward economic and social independence within three years and to acknowledge these communities about HIV/AIDS prevention , family planning, hygiene, water safety and environmental protection.

The FXBVillage program tend to simultaneously improve all the aspects of participants’ lives: health, nutrition, hygiene, education, protection of children’s rights and sustainable economic strengthening of families in order to break down the vicious circle of poverty in a sustainable manner. We can count approximately 2,500 people of the community of Buterere that will be sensitized to HIV / AIDS prevention and waste management.

Across the three years of the program, FXB financial support is scaled down as program participants are required to increasingly contribute to their families’ school and medical costs, taking an active role in building lives of greater self-sufficiency.

The strength and effectiveness of the methodology lies in a holistic approach and a personalized support to participants. To be effective, FXB gives participants an immediate access to all of their human rights: food, health, education, housing, employment, access to water and a healthy environment, safety and respect. FXB International’s goal is to establish beneficiaries’ human rights across the board, since gaining one right without others is simply not sufficient for a community to escape extreme poverty.

The grant obtained thanks to Swim for Life 2014 will complete the funding of the second FXBVillage program in Buterere that take place from April 2014 to March 2017 and will be used to intensify activities against the spread of HIV/AIDS among direct participants and surrounding communities.

Rapport VFXB Buterere II – Année 1 Semestre 1 (FR)