FXB – Village Gisiza, Muhanga district, Rwanda

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In Gisiza (Muhanga District, Rwanda), the FXBVillage program gradually strengthens the capacities of 80 HIV/AIDS affected families and sensitizes the whole community to HIV/AIDS prevention, family planning, hygiene, sanitation and waste management over the course of three years. 

To achieve this goal, participants are equipped with a comprehensive, integrated package of supports centered around five main pillars: health, education, nutrition, business and housing. With these targeted investments, FXB helps families become self-sufficient, enabling them to raise their children to contribute to local economies and communities rather than drift away to become part of the discarded generation. Approximately 2,500 people of the surrounding community will be sensitized to HIV / AIDS prevention and waste management.

Rwanda was the scene of tragedies that led many people to live through untenable situations: wars, rape, homelessness, overcrowded camps, poverty, misery, lack of education, abandonment. These living conditions favored the development of AIDS among the population. Data from the Demographic and Health Survey (Enquête Démograghie et Santé) published by the Ministry of Health show that the HIV prevalence rate in Rwanda is 3%, affecting 18% of the population and placing Rwanda among the most affected countries. This is the reason why FXB initiated this new program in November 2014.

Across the three years of the program, as the ability of families to meet their basic needs increases, FXB gradually lessens support so they can become independent and permanently escape poverty.

The strength of the  program  lies  in  its  integrated approach and in the personalized support it provides for   its   participants.   The   synergy   of   the   multiple interdependent components that are the basis of the program  and  their  simultaneous  accessibility  form a  global  approach  to  the  fight against  poverty.  This approach enables families  to  reach  economic  and social autonomy, which they can sustain over the long term, while ensuring the well-being of both adults and children.

The grant obtained thanks to Swim for Life 2015 will complete the funding of the FXBVillage program in Gisiza that take place from November 2014 to October 2017 and will be used to intensify activities against the spread of HIV/AIDS among direct participants and surrounding communities.


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