Action TEST is an inter-associative project between the Plate-Forme Prevention Sida, Observatoire du Sida et des Sexualités and SidAids Migrants/Siréas.

“Action Test” proposes a community based HIV screening using TROD.

The project is free, anonymous and confidential, focusing on the migrant population mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa (SAM ), living in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Each partner brings their expertise to the implementation of the project: The Plate-Forme Prevention Sida focuses on the monitoring aspects of the project and the production of communication tools; the Observatoire du Sida et des Sexualités contribute methodological and data management aspects; Sidaids Migrants / Siréas are in charge of the community mobilization aspects and social monitoring.

In the context of Combined Prevention screening is a central to HIV prevention and to the care of patients.

Early detection through screening much improves the therapeutic itinery and better response to treatment. In fact, with the current treatments it is possible to reach an indetectable viral load within a few months which means that  HIV cannot be transmitted.

Furthermore those who know their HIV-positive status protect their partners by using different prevention strategies (condoms, PreP …).

Screening therefore remains crucial to interruping to the chain of HIV transmission!