GO POSITIEF ! Workshops


Sensoa supports HIV positive gay and bisexual men in dealing with their HIV diagnoses. The workshop sessions are meant to reduce stress and improve confidence. Key subjects are disclosing towards your significant others, talking about sex and enjoying a healthy sex life.

Two HIV positive gay men are the coaches of the sessions. Sharing information, developing skills, confidence and belief in yourself are essential goals of the workshop sessions.

The workshop sessions were developed inspired by Sensoa’s aim to improve the integration of people living with HIV and limit the impact of HIV on their sexual health.

A first pilot version of the workshop sessions was trialed in Antwerp during spring 2017, followed by a second adapted trial in Brabant (Flanders) in close collaboration with the Aids Reference Center of Brussels (Jette), the Roze Huis Louvain and the Rainbowhouse in Brussels.

In the following years, Sensoa will promote the workshop sessions even more regionally each time in collaboration with an Aids Reference Center and regional partners in Flanders.

Website: www.sensoa.be